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Clean. Fresh. Healthy & Tasty.

That's our promise!

our products

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No-Nonsense Nut Butters

Clean nuts, zero added sugar & free of preservatives


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Healthy Idly Dosa Batters

Gluten-free healthy batters. Low Glycemic Index foods.

Coming Soon

Healthy Idly Dosa Batters

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Seasonal Fruit Chia Jams

Heroes the fruit of the season with the goodness of Chia. No added sugars or preservatives.

Coming Soon

Seasonal Fruit Chia Jams

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Organic Staples

Replace your polished food staples with our wonder grains.

Coming Soon

Organic Staples

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about milleatery

Milleatery is a food product company that offers healthy alternatives to the foods we buy without compromising on pleasing our taste buds. Our product line at the moment are organic nut butters, seasonal fruit chia jam. We mostly use organic ingredients to make our ready to eat/ ready to cook products.

why us

Milleatery's products are healthy and handcrafted with love to please your taste buds.


Preservative Free


No Sugar






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Budding Entrepreneur, Health Freak & a doting Mother

The Milleatery peanut butter tastes as it should. Perfectly peanutty with just the right amount of sweetness. Couldn’t be happier to find something healthy and protein rich for my everyday snacking! The Chia jams are absolutely delicious and just the perfect spread over my bread!

Mihika Southekal





Order your Jar of our Chunky Strawberry Chia Jam! Season ends soon!