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Our Story

The most important thing for us is to give you the opportunity to take a stand.


Are you someone who respects your body and are careful about everything you consume?


After spending years running businesses and in the corporate world, Sid and Nupur (both ardent foodies), have collaborated to bring out handcrafted, wholesome, nutritious and tasty food alternatives for everyone who wants to eat healthy and thereby live a healthy life.



Siddharth  &  Nupur

The year 2020 has been quite an eye opener in terms of how healthy eating can do so much to everything you want to achieve in terms of living a fit & healthy life. Long aimless drives and conversations on how we can give back to people what we have learnt through our journey brought us a promising outcome with this venture.


With Milleatery, our aim is not only to bring out healthy food alternatives. Our bigger aim is to create a habit of eating healthy that contributes to a longer, healthier and sustainable life.



Milleatery is a food product company that offers healthy alternatives to the foods we buy commercially without compromising on pleasing our taste buds.


our manifesto:

  • We dislike sugar, preservatives, unhealthy fats or any ingredients that adulterate good and natural foods.

  • We keep no secrets. We use the best natural and clean ingredients to make our products.

  • We use small batch methods in making our products and ensure you get your product fresh.

  • We do everything with a lot of love and passion.

  • Our goal is to be Zero Waste and Sustainable.

  • We love eating with our fingers!!

the team

Siddharth Umesh Nayak
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Co-Founder & Chief Tasting Officer

An ardent foodie, knows the exact ingredients of the dish by the smell of it. A constructive food critic and perfectionist with everything he does. Helping people is his Motto. No matter who they are. Ran businesses in the automobile industry for years.

Nupur Siddharth
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Co-Founder & Master Chef

Travel, Nature, Food, Home, Live, Laugh, Love. Exactly in that order.

A 9 to 5 person turned entrepreneur. Rock solid in and out. Ran People Offices for start-ups and has had a long stint in a well known MNC.

Kalpana Nayak
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Chief Roasting Officer & General Manager

A passionate and an honest home-maker. Positive is her second name and feeding people around her is always on her mind!!

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