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Fruit Chia Jams

100% Natural. No Added Sugar. No Oil. No Preservatives.

Seasonal Chunky Chia Jams


Making the best out of the fruit of the season, your favorite fruit jam cant get healthier!


Call it Jam, jelly, topping, preserve or dessert, our freshly handcrafted jams are loaded with health! Natural fruit, organic chia seeds & organic wild honey, Thats it! Coz we believe less is more!! These products are seasonal and will last till the fruit harvests.

Chunky Strawberry Chia Jam

Our Strawberry chia jam is light, maintains the fresh, tangy taste of the strawberries and is loaded with the goodness of honey and chia seeds. Known to top the charts as one of the healthiest foods in the world, chia seeds makes this spread very light. Its easy to demolish this jar of goodness in one go, its that light!!


Our recommendation, spoon it just as is to kill your sweet craving or pair it with our peanut butters on bread to solve your PBJ problem!!


  • Organic Strawberry

  • Organic Wild Honey

  • Organic Chia Seeds

200 gms Jar

300 gms Jar

Rs 350

Rs 400

Strawberry On the Go

These tinee winee jars that fits even in your pocket. Just right for someone who is always on their feet! Carry these in your dabba, or to the gym or let it rest in your bag to spoon out just before that meeting thats going to run over your lunch break!

Product Specifications:

Available in Pack of 4 and Pack of 8

Quantity - 35 grm Jars

Pack of 4

Pack of 8

Rs 400

Rs 750

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