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Healthy meets Yummy at Milleatery

Yes, you read that right! With Milleatery’s delectable yet guilt-free spreads, you don’t have to count your calories while gorging on these products. These lip smacking spreads are made with the purest of ingredients and contain no added sugar, oil or preservatives.

Milleatery is a fairly recent, homegrown healthy food products brand based out of Mumbai, which fosters healthy living by encouraging a clean and healthy diet. Derived from the words “millets” & “eatery”, which imply healthy eating, this store offers products which are 100% organic.

They currently offer three variants in their Peanut butters-Crunchy, Smooth, & with Cacao nibs- of which I tried two (the first & third), all of which were creamy & nutty, while the third one had a hint of coffee/ dark chocolate, stemming from the cacao nibs (cannot accurately describe the taste). Loved how smooth its texture was (my picture above is proof enough). These will simply melt in the your mouths!

The Chunky Strawberry Chia jam, however, was the show stopper! A perfect blend of fresh strawberries and chia seeds, it truly brings out the sweet yet mildly sour flavour of strawberries. Needless to say, this was my favourite! I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking to switch to a low carb/ no carb diet, but still wants a daily dose of those fruity jams (most of the readily available brands, believe me, are loaded with sugar).

Lastly, i also tried Milleatery’s Superfood Pesto, which is one of their newest launches. This one turned out to be mum’s favourite from the lot. It’s the best alternative to freshly made pesto for all those times when you crave some but are too lazy to make it (me, more often than not). Out of all the jarred pestos I’ve tried, this one’s probably the best as it combines fresh organic ingredients without any preservatives or artificial colourants.

Apart from these, they also offer millet idli-dosa batter, which I haven’t tried (but I bet its awesome).

What are my recommendations ? I say, Grab ‘em all! Especially because they offer various sizes, including trial packs, so you get to try all of them before you to choose to go all in!

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