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Client Testimonials

Smitha Ashish.jpg

Smitha Ashish

Corporate Professional

I’m so glad that I got to taste Milleatery’s organic and healthy Peanut Butter and Strawberry Chia Jam from "Milleatery" - it tastes great! The peanut butter tastes different from the one, we get in the market. It is super creamy, crunchy and tastes fresh. And the combination of chia seeds with the strawberry pulp in the jam, makes it super tasty and unique compared to all kinds of jam, I have tasted in the past. I have been eating it just as desert. Your personal effort of making it and packing it, makes it all the more special😍


I would be your customer for life, Sid & Nupur.

Mihika Southekal.jpg

Mihika Southekal

Budding Entrepreneur, Health Freak & a doting Mother

The Milleatery peanut butter tastes as it should. Perfectly peanutty with just the right amount of sweetness. Couldn’t be happier to find something healthy and protein rich for my everyday snacking! The Chia jams are absolutely delicious and just the perfect spread over my bread!


Guilt-free and yummy!

Damien Dsa.jpg

Damien D'sa


Milleatery products are the best I have had till date. They are totally organic & sugar-free. As a diabetic I really enjoyed the chia jam since its sugar-free and serves my purpose. Kudos to the team for the effort!

Vinay Bolangady.jpg

Vinay Bolangady

HR Professional

The stuff is really good. We all loved ❤️ it, it's definitely better than the commercial stuff we have been buying.

Ashwini Bolangady.jpg

Ashwini Bolangady

Entrepreneur, an advocate of healthy eating & an expert care-giver.

This year has started on a healthy note!! Clean, minimum and fresh ingredients, prepared with zero preservatives, in fact every ingredient can be categorized as a “Superfood”, Milleatery has made sure that anyone, can safely consume their products.


The Peanut Butter (both the Chunky and with Cacao Nibs) are no match to the ones that are available in the market. Same goes with the Strawberry & Chia Seeds Jam. I’m happy to have tried Milleatery products. These are going to be my “Go to” snack option. They taste super yum and guilt free. What more can one expect.


Not to forget the personalized packaging that makes the product and the customer extra special.


Awesome job Milleatery!! Cheers!!

Ketan Mavinkurve.jpg

Ketan Mavinkurve

Founder & CEO - Alpha Coach

I'm a huge fan of Peanut Butter, but never really been able to enjoy it ever since I got serious about my fitness goals... (and let's just say, I haven't had jams since I was probably 12!) But with the Milleatery all natural, minimal ingredients & impeccable attention to production process, their Peanut Butter & Chia Strawberry Jam are back into my meals!


Pair them with some fresh sourdough, and BOOM, you've got the tastiest, healthiest PBJ sandwiches in the world!

Ridhima Bolangady.jpg

Ridhima Bolangady


I am an ardent foodie who with age has come to understand the importance of eating healthy. But mostly never like to compromise on taste, so for me the Peanut butters from Milleatery are just the right balance of healthy and tasty. You can tell they are handmade with care to details. The crunchy peanut butter is true to its character and gives you the luxurious stickiness, with the right salt and sweet notes. I particularly enjoy their peanut butter with cacao nibs, it has a moorish, earthy tone which takes the regular peanut butter to a whole better level!!


The best part for me was that my 2-year-old son tried PB for the first time and just loves it. The win was that it was from Milleatery so I did not have think twice.

Gautam Shenoy.jpg

Gautam Shenoy

Budding Entrepreneur, Fitness Freak and Foodie

Milleatery peanut butter has the taste of fresh roasted peanuts and the rich, melt on your tongue feel, all while being an extremely healthy food! Better than any PB’s I've tried. Milleatery has won my heart!

Sandeep Kudva.jpg

Sandeep Kudva

Entrepreneur and A Gearhead

Had my batch of Crunchy Peanut Butter and Chia Strawberry Jam. I do NOT write reviews or letters when I like things. Honestly. Yet I couldnt stop myself from writing to you and tell you these are some of the tastiest Peanut Butter and Chia Jam I have ever had. I have had other brand Peanut Butter and Jams even the sugar free ones and I must say not one comes close to these.


I love to eat Peanut Butter and Jam specially as spreads on Bread but always feared the sugar content and health compromise but now I can be guilt free while having it. Well done!!!

Aastha Kottary.png

Aastha Kothari

Jewelery Designer

Being a health freak, I’m absolutely particular about everything I put into my body. The Milleatery strawberry jam and peanut butter range is honestly so good, I’m certainly not going to feel guilty about this PBJ indulgence. You can tell that the ingredients are 100% honest!

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